It takes many people to make a project like The Tobacco Atlas come together. At risk of excluding people who helped us along the way, we would like to acknowledge some very key actors.
First and foremost, Johnny Hsu at Vital Strategies and John Daniel at ACS might not have officially authored any chapters, but their roles were enormous and integral. Johnny anchored our design vision among many other tasks, while John went far beyond his official editorial responsibilities. The
Atlas is a better product because of them.
At ACS, many folks played important roles. In terms of data and content preparation, we thank Samuel Asare, Martine Chaussard, Qing Li, and Nikisha Sisodiya. We couldn’t have completed the project without the administrative and financial prowess of Nancy Inglis-Wesby and Shacquel
Woodhouse, and the printing and publication expertise of Vanika Jordan. At Vital Strategies, we thank Christina Curell and Dane Svenson, but especially Tracey Johnston for her communications savvy among many other talents. Bob Land once again delivered an excellent index.
We are indebted to our talented design partners at Radish Lab. They were engaging, creative and hardworking every single day, including Hege Bryn (design), Kendall Holland (project management), and Eric Brelsford (data visualization).
We were a little skeptical about a publication anchored by illustrations, but Daniel Stolle has simply wowed us with his phenomenal vision and creativity. We are grateful for this new, wonderful twist to the
We’d like to thank the leadership at both organizations. At ACS, our CEO Gary Reedy and CMO Otis Brawley, have strongly supported this publication. Similarly, at Vital Strategies, SVP Sandy Mullin has been a fervent supporter, as has the Union’s Executive Director, José Luis Castro.
As we mention in the preface, we remain grateful to Michael Eriksen and Judith Mackay for their work on previous Atlases, and for their continuing support and collegiality.
Many colleagues generously helped along the way, including data, input, feedback, etc. on many chapters, including: Growing (Raphael Lencucha, Qing Li, and for the satellite images, Liora Sahar and Nick Faust); Manufacturing (Qing Li); Marketing (Lindsey Liber); Quitting (Martin Raw); Partnerships (Martine Chaussard and Mônica Andreis); Regulating Novel Products (Joanna Cohen, Ryan Kennedy, Robert Jackler, Cindy Chau and Divya Ramamurthi); Industry (Stella Bialous); and Countering the Industry (Deborah Arnott, Rob Cunningham and Holly Jarman).
For broader data needs, we thank the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), particularly Emmanuela Gakidou, for generously permitting us to use many of their fantastic data to populate a number of maps and figures.
Any shortcomings, of course, are our own.

–  Jeff, Neil, Zach, Jacqui, Steve, Farhad, Alex, Nigar & Michal