Tobacco Leaf Production

by HDI, 1960-2014

In the last few decades, China has come to dominate tobacco production, but notably production has dropped markedly in very high-HDI countries and increased everywhere else.

Smallholder Tobacco Farmer Profits

Alternative Livelihoods

Indonesia Example

Note: The circles indicate the size of sales of the crops.
Former tobacco farmers are growing more of most other local crops, making more money and spending less time in their fields than farmers continuing to grow tobacco.

Tobacco Production by Volume

Metric tons, 2014

Progress in Tobacco Demand-Reduction Measures

The implementation of key tobacco control demand-reduction measures at the highest level of achievement accelerated among the WHO FCTC Parties between 2007 and 2014

Tobacco Taxes to Aid Tobacco Control as well as Development

The annual increase in global excise revenue by $190 billion PPP, from raising cigarette excise tax in each country by $1 PPP per 20-cigarette pack, could lift a quarter of the world's 767 million poor above the poverty line