Tobacco kills millions each year and costs society trillions of dollars. Yet we have the proven tools to fight this scourge at every single stage of a tobacco product’s existence. It is up to us— governments, civil society, and researchers, among others— to take the initiative to use these interventions vigorously. The Tobacco Atlas is a resource to help us understand both the problems and their solutions.

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The global tobacco industry has recently consolidated through privatization, acquisitions and mergers—now only 5 firms control 80% of the global cigarette market. These firms have automated and consolidated their own factories, steadily driving down the number of employees.

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Tobacco taxation is the most effective single tobacco control intervention. Effective taxation drives up prices on tobacco products, thereby driving down consumption. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least implemented tools.  Governments need to make far better use of this strategy


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Tobacco’s annual costs are more than 7 million lives and $2 trillion (PPP) in healthcare and lost productivity.

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We have proven interventions to affect all stages of the tobacco cycle. It is now a question of using them decisively.

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